Your personal relationships with businesses couldn’t be more important…

As we enter another year, we are reminded how not to approach situations and settings as the mistakes of this year are digested, dissected, learned from and applied, to ensure new successes in like scenarios.  Knowing what to do is only half the battle, knowing ‘how’ requires skill, ingenuity and a little ‘savoir-faire’ especially in today’s highly competitive climate.

The Melanie Jones PR approach to communication is unique. Step-by-step tailored, to be specifically catered to the exact needs of its clientele.  In this day and age, who can afford to be slapdash in approach or etiquette?  Our clients and the results we work painstakingly to achieve, define us as an altruistic service provider who go above and beyond to ensure a successful outcome.

More than just PR

In the words of one of our clients: “Melanie Jones PR, a spectacularly personalised service, uncompromised by ego or ambition…the overall outcome for us, was a portfolio of new clients and unexpected international opportunities that will in the coming months develop our entity beyond anything we could have originally perceived”

Next Steps…

A little chit-chat gets the ball rolling…you talk we listen, together we analyse then discuss, (at this point our super-creativity kicks into action) we all agree on directive, go forth and make hey whilst the suns shines! All we ask in return, is that you ensure we are ‘VIP’ on that celebratory after-party guest list.

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