Julia Suzuki – Author 

Julia Suzuki is an author of high fantasy novels.

Julia Suzuki is an author of high fantasy novels. She is agented by Andrew Lownie Literary Agency Julia Suzuki is a  British  author of children’s literature. She is known for her unique style; threading together adventure and suspense in a magical, epic setting, with stories that are full beautiful  messages.  Julia Suzuki grew up in Staffordshire,  listening to the magical sounds of fair rides and animals from a theme park across the stream at the bottom of her garden.

Through working with a Disney licensing company and working with entrepreneur David Lloyd in an international resorts business, Julia visited many beautiful places, inspiring the setting for her literature.

Her love of reading, of nature and of the outdoors fed her colourful imagination and inspired her to become an author resulting in the creation of ‘The Land of Dragor’ adventure series for children.

The first book the series,  The Gift of Charms,  was published in 2014. Julia has recently completed the second book in the series,  The Crystal


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