Kokomelt is an award-winning vegan skincare brand that was initially developed for personal home use. The creams began as eczema and post gym repair cream for/by fitness athlete, Deborah Spink, who suffered years of hand skin problems.

The use of water as the main ingredient in most products, combined with oils, involves the use of emulsifiers and parabens, which can have a drying effect on the skin. After lots of research and home recipe experiments, Deborah noticed a significant improvement in her skin when using pure plant or seed oils and butters.

‘After all, most people buying cosmetics have access to water’ Deborah said, ‘I don’t believe anybody should have to pay to dampen their skin, especially if it involves the addition of chemicals’

Kokomelt products are Paraben (preservative) free, and free of emulsifiers, as they are natural, oil-based products. You can still use Kokomelt oils/butters without dampening your skin, but to seal in moisture it is best used on damp skin allowing the oils/butters to act as an emollient. With the creams you will only need to use a pea size amount, a little goes a long way.

Kokomelt’s initial oily liquid scrub was developed into Sugar Scrub Cubes. These are made with Dark Muscovado Fair Trade Sugar, plant, fruit or seed oils and are soap-free. Black peppercorns, pink salt, gold leaf and other plant-based oils are added to the different scrub recipes, to add smell or varied textures, as well as being infused with essential oils that make up this exciting range.

Even though Kokomelt is a young company they are using as many Organic (Soil Certified) and Fair Trade products as they can source. Kokomelt’s packaging is 98% recyclable and all their current products are registered with The Vegan Society. All these factors have played a massive role in Kokomelt being a successful startup and now winning the Men’s Grooming category at the FreeFrom Skincare Awards 2016, should give this innovative company the extra boost needed to spread through the skincare plus the health and fitness industry.