Acne, vitiligo, stretch marks, cellulite, thread veins, spider veins, rosacea, melasma, liverspots, birthmarks, hyperpigmentation, surgical scars are just some of the medical skin conditions around that can have a heart breaking confidence crashing effect. TAKE COVER SKIN SYSTEM is an amazingly unique service that does camouflage exactly those conditions with revolutionary make-up without causing irritation. Although not permanent it will last for ca. 5days are smudge, sweat and waterproof making it the safest option to wear and use on the beach and to go swimming under water.

The make up is custom-blend for a perfect match to your skin tone.

The properties of the make-up and way of application lends this service naturally to the fashion and beauty industry to cover up tattoos, blemishes, visual body sculpting [perfect face & body make up saves post production cost].

It is then no surprise to know that TAKE COVER SKIN SYSTEM the official Sponsor of Miss West Afrika 2010.

“I wanted something that would give people with medical skin conditions a chance to show their skin and not ‘take cover’ with their clothing but rather a new skin that could be applied with an airbrush and blended in with their own skin tone or a colour of their choice. It is so rewarding knowing that something so temporary can make such a significant difference to someone’s confidence.” says Gerri Facey, Founder.