Youth Engagement Concepts (Y.E.C) utilises a sporting framework to mentoring and apply it to other areas of life. By using sport as the hook for engagement Y.E.C. are able to deliver a number of inputs including academic and non-academic courses, health and physical fitness awareness, building self and educational aspirations and more.

These are all completed with the support of A young persons peers. The key fundamental change to all of this is for the young person to realize they have a guide to help; and this guide is YEC’s sports mentoring programme. Within sport there is a coach, a team captain and team mates who help and support each other to achieve the individual and the collective goals.

Youth Engagement Concepts was founded to bring together a wide range of experiences, skills, resources and capabilities to benefit young people in urban communities.

They say:

“At the core of our organisation is real life experience of living in challenging areas, dealing with violent crimes, gangs and facing the issues that many young Londoners face today.

For many of our team they had it hard growing up but decided to get on in life and used sport and education as part of a pathway to success. Our collective experiences identify a general theme in identifying those who may have difficulty making positive decisions and dealing with challenging situations.”

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